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23 June 2008 @ 09:55 pm
Tu Eres Bill
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22 June 2008 @ 07:37 pm

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18 May 2008 @ 03:01 pm
Deja un comentario y...1. Te diré porque te agregué a mi f-list.
2. Te asociaré con algo.
3. Te diré algo que me gusta sobre ti.
4. Te explicaré un recuerdo tuyo que guardo.
5. Te relacionaré con un personaje/pairing.
6. Te preguntaré algo que siempre quisé saber sobre ti.
7. Te diré cuál de tus userpics me gusta más.
8. A cambio, postearás esto en tu LJ.

Bueno, como andy es quien siempre me postea xDDDD haré el de ella altiro:
1. Te diré porque te agregué a mi f-list.
Porque me gustaban tus fotos y tus comentarios xD me daban risa. Además que siempre ponías videos kawais de url *O*
2. Te asociaré con algo.
S.H.E xD definitivamente
3. Te diré algo que me gusta sobre ti.
Qué eres súper simpática ^^ y chistosa xD me río ene contigo y lo que dices xDD
4. Te explicaré un recuerdo tuyo que guardo.
Ajaja xDD lo de la campaña por Calvin xDDD, salven a calvin xD
5. Te relacionaré con un personaje/pairing.
Ella xD of course
6. Te preguntaré algo que siempre quisé saber sobre ti.
¿Cuál sería el primer país al que viajarías *O*? creo que uno de Asia xD pero cuál?
vale agregar otra *-*? xDDDD sería... ¿Cuál es tu dorama preferido *-*?
7. Te diré cuál de tus userpics me gusta más. s
esa que dice Ohno flower *-* la encuentro muy kawai

Saluditos n.n
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jajajaj me reí un montón con este texto que encontré en un blog
tb encontré algo que decía sobre como fastidiar a los chicos de tokio xDDD
pero por mientras dejo esto que me dió bastante risa

You know you're obsessed with Tokio Hotel when ...

Your parents roll their eyes or drone you out when you go on and on about Tokio Hotel and random facts you learned about them.
You tell everyone about Tokio Hotel even if they don't give a flying f*ck
Have a wall dedicated to them
You Know It's Georg NOT GEORGE!!!
You Know It's Bill und Tom not BILL AND TOM!!
You Know It's Lezzgo NOT LETS GO!
You Know It's Ahmazeeng NOT AMAZING!
You always hated children, never wanted to be a mother, but now you are re-thinking your decision. You want to have twin boys, and be a mommy like Simone. xDDD
You suddenly have a thing for guys with dreads
You're planning a trip to Germany next year.
You giggle everytime you drink Coke, although it was always your favorite soda, before you knew about Tom.
You giggle everytime you eat pasta.
Sometimes, you only eat cornflakes cause they remind you of Bill
You have daydreamed about every possible way you could meet them, and what you'd say
You have that one best friend (you made into a Tokio Hotel fan of course) that you scream with and ask "WHAT IF BILL LOOKED RIGHT IN YOUR EYES?" and about 1,000,000 other 'What if' questions.
You smile everytime you think of one of their cute moments. Or when you think of their smile :)
You are constantly on the lookout for TH fans.
You sit in class and think of all the funny things the boys have done.
Everytime you here the word "Tokyo" or "Hotel" they pop into your mind.
You now love guys with piercings on there lip, eyebrow, or tongue.
You've always loved both vampires AND fairies, and when you found out that Bill does, too, you freaked out and declared yourself as Bill's official twin.
You've thought about what you'd say to them, in perfect German, a million times in your head already
You giggle over waffles.
You giggle when you see teddy bears, and yell "TOM! DEIN TEDDY!"
"It's so amathing 4 meeeeee" is something you say all the time now, just like Bill.
You randomly Yell out Things that Tokio Hotel have said.
You plan on having T-shirts made with things they’ve said printed on them
You Say “What Butiful veater nice nice nice” every time you step out side no matter what’s the weathers like xDD
You plan on meeting them and making your fave member fall madly in love with you
You know the lyrics to close to all there songs in English AND in German
You’ve considered getting you hair dreadlocked or died black
You can spend countless hours tell people who don’t care things about TH that you’ve newly found out
You cry every time you watch ‘Spring Nicht’ and beg Bill not to jump
You Get butterflies in your stomach when you see Bill look straight into the camera as if he’s looking at you
You start noticing people with lip, eyebrow and tongue piercings when you’d never noticed things like that before
You begin speaking what little German you know just to make yourself feel that little bit closer to the band
You're taking private German classes because their original songs are in German - haenas
You actually start paying attention in those boring German classes at school, just for that 'someday'. - rachel-random
You learn to knit so you can make your favourite band member a scarf for that SPECIAL time when you meet them! – erana
People who you don't even know very well see you humming along with you headphones and ask "Is that that German band?" - KittyLark

jajaja me reí mucho con esto
faltó nomás el Te haces un tatuaje en el brazo izquierdo que diga libertad, o adquieres un piercing en la boca o ceja, o te haces un tatuaje con el simbolo de tokio hotel en el cuello.... personalmente adquiriré el piercing en la ceja xD xk lo quería desde antes.. y al ver que mi amor platónico lo tiene *-* con mayor razón aun xD.
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Current Music: Mad as rabbits- Panic at the disco
ahahah xDD acabo de hacer un quizzz :D
y alegró mi día
mas bien mi tarde.. noche xDDD
ahahaha si somos tannn compatibles *O* si debo ir a buscarlo xDDD
y ahora tengo que ir a estudiar T_T
bueno igual está entrete el quiz ^^ y aquí dejo el resultado *O*

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